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Graduate/Professional Development Credit

GEEO has developed a multi-tiered system to ensure that both teachers and their students receive as much educational benefit as possible from our travel programs. The educational and for-credit components of the program were developed by GEEO staff in consultation with professional educators with expertise at all levels, ranging from elementary to graduate level education. Through our graduate partnership program participants can earn graduate credits and professional development hours while enjoying their international travel.

We award professional development certificates at the end of the program to every participant, at no cost. Every state has different rules on professional development credit, so the amount of credit an educator receives for participating in one our programs varies.

Participating educators also have the option to enroll in a graduate level course for each GEEO trip. The course is administered through Northern Illinois University and the cost for the 3-credit course is $1,100.00.. The course is offered as "interdisciplinary studies" credit and may be transferable to a degree program or for advancement on a district’s compensation scale. Participants must complete GEEO's Graduate Education Program and meet the course requirements in order to earn this credit. The registration period for the course is between April 1 and June 1, with the latter date being the absolute cut-off for registration. Participants will enroll at NIU as a Student-at-Large (SAL) and then complete the institutional paperwork to register for the class and participate in the program. You must complete all required paperwork for SAL admission to the university as well as for the Study Abroad program.

Participants have two semesters (summer and fall) to complete all of the requirements of this course. You will receive an incomplete for the SU semester until the coursework is submitted. A grade must be submitted, according to university policy, by the end of the fall term.

All materials must be submitted no later than December 1. Final grades will be posted on December 15. For more details on the course, please email