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Program Status

Please check this page to see if your program has reached the minimum amount of participants needed to confirm that the trip will run. It is very important that you wait until your program is confirmed before purchasing your flights. We typically are able to confirm all of our programs at least 90 days before departure. If we are 75 days from departure and feel a program will not reach it's minimum, we will give each participant a full refund of their program fee.

Program NameStatus
Morocco- Spring (UT Austin)CONFIRMED!
Galapagos- SpringCONFIRMED!
Morocco- Spring (NYU)CONFIRMED!
Peru- SpringCONFIRMED!
India and Nepal Group 1CONFIRMED!
Sri Lanka and Maldives Group 1CONFIRMED!
Eastern EuropeUnconfirmed
Galapagos- SummerCONFIRMED!
Tibet and NepalCONFIRMED!
Bangkok to HanoiUnconfirmed
Morocco Group 1- SummerCONFIRMED!
Argentina and BrazilCONFIRMED!
Morocco Group 2- SummerCONFIRMED!
Peru- SummerCONFIRMED!
Paris to RomeCONFIRMED!
Armenia and GeorgiaUnconfirmed
Camino de SantiagoCONFIRMED!
Madagascar Group 1CONFIRMED!
Sri Lanka and Maldives Group 2CONFIRMED!
Family India and Nepal (UT Austin)CONFIRMED!
Madagascar Group 2CONFIRMED!
India and Nepal Group 2Unconfirmed
Egypt- WinterCONFIRMED!
Iceland- WinterUnconfirmed
Chile and Argentina- WinterUnconfirmed