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2016 Program List

Below you will find the programs we are currently offering. Book two or more these trips and receive 10% off of the lesser value program(s). The "Pairs With" column will help you find out which trips are scheduled to work well together. Lastly, the "Service Level" column will let you know if it is a standard level trip, or if it is comfort level trip, where we upgrade the hotels to roughly 4-star.

Program NamePriceService LevelStart DateFinish DatePairs With
Moorish Spain Spring Break$1,799.00 Comfort3/13/20163/20/2016None
Morocco Spring Break$1,424.00 Comfort3/19/20163/26/2016None
India/Nepal Group 1$1,731.00 Comfort6/13/20166/28/2016Bali and Lombok Group 1
Eastern Europe Group 1$2,279.00 Standard6/13/20166/27/2016Morocco, Iceland
Peruvian Amazon$2,374.00 Comfort6/25/20167/3/2016Peruvian Andes
Iceland$2,564.00 Standard6/28/20167/4/2016Eastern Europe Group 1, Ireland Group 1
Morocco$1,519.00 Standard6/28/20167/12/2016Eastern Europe Group 1, Western Balkans, Portugal/Spain, Italy, Ireland Group 2
Eastern Europe Group 2$2,279.00 Standard6/28/20167/12/2016Western Balkans, Portugal/Spain, Italy, Ireland Group 2
Bali and Lombok Group 1$1,946.00 Standard6/28/20167/11/2016India/Nepal Group 1, Bangkok to Hanoi
Bali and Lombok Group 2$1,946.00 Standard7/1/20167/14/2016None
Peruvian Andes$2,349.00 Standard7/4/20167/16/2016Peruvian Amazon, Costa Rica
Ireland Group 1$1,899.00 Standard7/5/20167/13/2016Iceland, Western Balkans, Portugal/Spain, Italy
Bangkok to Hanoi$1,681.00 Standard7/11/20167/24/2016Vietnam/Cambodia, Bali and Lombok Group 1, Heart of the Silk Road
Western Balkans$2,789.00 Comfort7/13/20167/24/2016Ireland Group 1, Eastern Europe Group 2, Turkey
Portugal/Spain$2,659.00 Standard7/13/20167/27/2016Ireland Group 1, Eastern Europe Group 2, Turkey
Italy$2,849.00 Standard7/14/20167/27/2016Ireland Group 1, Eastern Europe Group 2, Turkey
Southern Africa$3,656.00 Standard7/15/20168/2/2016None
Costa Rica$1,661.00 Standard7/16/20167/31/2016Peruvian Amazon, Galapagos Islands/a>
Ireland Group 2$1,899.00 Standard7/16/20167/24/2016Eastern Europe Group 2, Turkey, Heart of the Silk Road, Morocco
Southern India$1,661.00 Comfort7/19/20168/1/2016 India/Nepal Group 2
Israel$2,089.00 Standard7/20/20167/27/2016Turkey
Vietnam/Cambodia$2,279.00 Standard7/24/20168/9/2016Bangkok to Hanoi
Myanmar$2,469.00 Standard7/24/20168/6/2016Bangkok to Hanoi
Heart of the Silk Road$1,139.00 Standard7/25/20168/3/2016Bangkok to Hanoi, Western Balkans, Ireland Group 2
India/Nepal Group 2$1,731.00 Comfort8/2/20168/17/2016Southern India
Galapagos Islands$2,849.00 Standard8/2/20168/11/2016Costa Rica
Northern Philippines Winter Break$1,614.00 Standard12/23/201612/31/2016None
Kilimanjaro Winter Break$2,999.00 Camping12/20/201612/28/2016None
Morocco Winter Break$1,614.00 Standard12/18/20161/1/2017None